Wendy Shillam ANutr RSPH MA MSc


My name is Wendy Shillam. I’m a registered clinical nutritionist. I specialise in women’s longevity.  I help women peri- or post-menopausal to lose weight.  I work with people who have dietary needs over and above those that a simple diet sheet might fix.  This is the sort of thing that people say to me:

  • I’ve tried hundreds of diets and they don’t work
  • I’m trying to lose weight by cutting out sugar/fat/cake, and it’s not working
  • I’m losing weight, but I’m scared it’s just muscle loss
  • I’ve got diabetes type 2 and I feel in the current climate I need to lose some weight fast
  • My doctor has advised that I lose weight – help!
  • Ever since I reached menopause, my weight has been creeping up


If you are overweight, then losing just 5% of fat can make a difference to your health outcomes.  Losing 10% makes an even bigger difference.  If you are under-weight you may be on track to becoming frail (an equally common issue for some women).  My mission is to help you improve your diet from day one, via detailed consultations.  Many of my clients start feeling better within a week or so.  But my advice needs to last a lifetime, so a lot of my work is helping you learn about nutrition, so that you can take charge of your own diet, forever.


I am currently writing a book about woman’s longevity and the scientists who have discovered so much about how we can remain healthy into old age.   Entitled Glorious Summer, the secrets of longevity, it will be published in January 2022.  You can read a pre-publication blog here.

The secrets of longevity are to be found in plain sight, in scientific texts and evidenced by research. There is now no doubt, ageing isn’t inevitable or pre-programmed.

In this book, human scientist Wendy Shillam disentangles fact from myth. She offers a positive approach to the coming years, that will change the outlook of anyone from 25 to 125.


Journalists are welcome to contact me for interviews, information, myth busting or fact checking.


I have also set up a social enterprise SayTomato that offeres free insight into weight and longevity issues for women.  You will find free diets, healthy eating advice and more there.


 I work from Great Titchfield Street in London W1 and offer further appointments in Barcelona and Malaga.  The clinic is a very personal and trusted place, where women can receive the best advice throughout their weight loss journey.

Each consultation is individually tailored to your requirements.  I can offer face-to-face, Covid-19 secure consultations in my clinic in London and I can also now accept new clients by running a consultation over the internet, telephone or email.  Simply telephone me on +44 (0)7957438666 to make an appointment.  I will be setting up face-to-face appointments in Spain in August.

My approach is scientific, empathetic and pragmatic.

I work with peri- and post-menopausal women, at or after the change of life,  who need to lose weight or who would like to radically improve their diets.  I can also help if you are suffering from digestion issues, diabetes type 2, frailty, fatigue or low mood – all of which can have a nutritional cause.  As we get older our nutritional needs can change radically.  A diet that worked when you were twenty, won’t work if you’re 40, and certainly will need some major modification if you’re 80.  In my clinic there is no upper age limit.

Use the system below to send a message and we can discuss the best solution for your needs.  Alternatively ring me on +44 (0)7957438666 to get started.