All new weight loss clients start with a 3 hour induction session, to thoroughly check your wellbeing.   That means an induction morning or afternoon where I will measure you, take a full medical, dietary and therapeutic history and review biochemistry results.  I also accurately measure your body composition (fat, muscle and bone mass) by means of non-invasive dual frequency biometric impedance analysis.  During that session we’ll commence with the first food workshop.  You’ll take away with you a diet sheet for the first week of the diet.

We start with a short, closely supervised reducing diet. You’ll quickly see and feel real change.  During this stage I see you for a one-hour consultation once a week.  This stage will only last for a maximum of four to eight weeks.  Unlike other diets which can drag on for months, once you reach your first milestone, you can start eating more food.


After losing a quantity of weight really effectively, you’ll start a re-feeding regimen, aimed at finding the perfect balance of foods for you. You’ll still be losing weight, but you’ll be learning about how your body responds to different foods.  In that way I can help you gradually achieve a healthy balanced diet, tailored for your tastes and your body. This isn’t simply fun, it makes perfect scientific sense, gradually nurturing your metabolism back to renewed vigour.


Most nutritionists stop treating you once you’ve reached your target weight.  But in fact, it is at maintenance that most diets fail.  For my clients, this third stage is an essential final stage that will set them on a healthy long-term path.  The maintenance regimen will naturally boost your metabolic rate, increasing what you can eat and giving you extra vitality.   This reduces the danger of putting all that weight back on as soon as you graduate.

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This first session is expensive, but its thoroughness allows me to prescribe a very efficient diet for most of my clients including those with high cholesterol or high blood sugars.  I know it is a big investment for many people, but consider the investment part of your commitment to lose weight.

“The costs pales into insignificance against all those clothes I can’t fit into in the wardrobe.”

The first half day assessment, including workshop and diet sheets is £485.00 if taken in my clinic in Great Titchfield Street or £585.00 if I come to you. Subsequent one hour consultations are £95/session.  A check-up consultation is only £55/session.

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